Small Town Girl featured in the Weekend Australian Magazine May 2015

Jannah and her friends hang out after school in Broken Hill, New South Wales

Maya and her family buy fireworks on the side of the road in Justin, Texas

Maya and her brother play with fire crackers in the backyard on Independence Day in Justin, Texas

Emily plays with her little sister by the river in Grafton, New South Wales

Sarah comforts her little brother in New Waverly, Texas

Maya’s mom shaves half her head in Justin, Texas

Merryn records with her band at a home studio in Byron Bay, New South Wales

Varoux on the farm in Eendekuil, South Africa

Savannah shaves the words ‘STRAYA DAY’ into her friend’s hair in Parkes, New South Wales

Rebecca wears her mum’s tee-shirt in a field of prickly pear trees in Nieu Bethesda, South Africa

Tara feeds a deer that wandered into her yard in Winthrop, Washington

Rebecca tries to catch a crab in a creek in Nieu Bethesda, South Africa

Varoux and her friends at the park in Eedekuil, South Africa

Johanna cuts her brother’s hair in their backyard in New Waverly, Texas

Mpho and her best friend have a fight over a text message in Jouberton township, South Africa

Lizandri at a celebratory dinner after a successful swimming carnival

Reitumetse after the long walk home from school in Lesotho

Mpho laughs with a classmate at school in Lesotho

Mpho packs her bags to go to college in Jouberton, South Africa

Jannah takes a selfie with a horse on the side of the road in Broken Hill, Australia

small town girl

Small Town Girl is an ongoing documentary photography project exploring daily life for teenage girls in small towns across Australia, South Africa and the USA.

Project statement: It’s been more than a decade since I was a teenager growing up in regional Australia and yet I still feel such a strong connection to that stage of life. Now a fully-fledged city dweller with a demanding job and all of the responsibilities that come with being a ‘grown-up’, I realise how unique those years between childhood and adulthood actually were: a home surrounded by space and silence, a mind alive with possibilities and emotions so completely raw. Small Town Girl is a visual journey of remembering and discovery. As I walk alongside teenagers in Australia (where I grew up), South Africa (where I was supposed to grow up) and the USA (where I wanted to grow up) my own memories of adolescence are both validated and challenged. I’m fascinated by ordinary young women living in out of the way places. I want to know who they are and share in their experiences and I want to capture them in an intimate and poetic way.

Head On Photo Festival
Exhibited May 14 to 25 2015