Norway 2


In the mountains with my guys <3

Photos from a visit to Karlee J Sangster’s studio in Melbourne, Australia

Renae and baby boy Ethan in Hudiksvall, Sweden, shot with my Leica M6

Lee and Bronte and some wild flowers in Hudiksvall, Sweden – summer 2016

Something about these streets | Stockholm, Sweden shot with my Leica M6

My brother Andre and his youngest daughter, Mosa

A bush walk in the Blue Mountains with my adventure buds – Edie, Anna and Simon.

Hugo and Holly and lights and fire at the Hill End Festival, April 2016

A long weekend at Hill End, a tiny old gold rush town a few hours west of Sydney, with the best people.

A long weekend spent in Hill End, a tiny old gold rush town a few hours west of Sydney, with the very best people.

Tillandsia love | A shoot for Plant by Packwood featuring Anne Moffat

Behind the scenes on a shoot for Plant by Packwood with model Anne Moffat

Based on a True Story | Amelia at Vaucluse House

Maddy, Isabella and I went camping at Uloola Falls (via Karloo Pools) in the Royal National Park and it was just right.

I Was Wondering 'Bout You and That Girl

The water, the water! | I just can’t get enough of these little ladies. Every time I see them they’ve grown a tad taller, lost another tooth and picked up another skill. I know I’m biased but I find them endlessly fascinating and delightful. A simple thing like a visit to the beach is an adventure, their tiny faces full of wonder. I still feel unsure and a little afraid of motherhood but when it comes to being an aunty I have no doubts.

Kind of Like Oceans | It was a public holiday and Bronte beach was packed. The surf was so rough and everyone was getting knocked around by the waves. Not quite the relaxing dip I was hoping for so I hopped out and took a few snaps instead.

You will take the east side and I will take the west. (We had everything for a little while.)